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Characteristics and Advantages

 Modern design, attractive and distinguishing with regard to what is out on the market.
 Easy page layout, because it adapts like a glove.
 Original and many of them have never been seen.
 Complementary to those you already publish.
 Multiple combinations to better adapt to the publication.

 In several languages and, if it is not in the one you need, we will translate it.
 Multi-format, in color or black and white, and in PDF, EPS, PNG...
 Page layout included, especially in complete pages.
 Calibrated in their difficulty, for the customer and his readers to choose.
 Evaluated in the capacities of the brain that they work.

 Speed of production and delivery.
 Unbeatable prices, very competitive with regard to other companies.
 Exclusive rights, if necessary.

 Possibility to tailor them to a specific action of the publication.

To the right, some examples of complete pages, tabloid-size, done with our puzzles, both in black and white and in color.
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