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Our idea

Anyone who has had to create a puzzles page knows the difficulty the page layout entails in order to achieve a good esthetic result, having to combine elements so different from one another, both in design and in size.

Our great experience in this practice has allowed us to develop a simple idea, modular puzzles, which will make the work of the page layout easier, both if we want to combine them with material from other producers or join the modules within themselves.

In both cases, we get a new style of leisure page which is much more esthetic, modern and immediately identifiable within any publication.

We have put it into practice in newspapers, magazines and books, and the results could not be more satisfactory. Now you can have them in your publication.

To the right you can see a series of explanatory screens on how we divide the newspaper page (a size similar to DIN A3) into 16 modules, as well as different ways to go about composing the puzzles section in a simple and intuitive way.

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